Boerewors 3kg (6x500g)

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South Africa's most beloved sausage. Boerewors mean farmer's sausage. Boere means farmer and wors mean sausage. The best way to cook it is on the braai ( BBQ)

Beef, pork, coriander seeds, salt, pepper, English cloves, Nutmeg, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce.

Boerewors is a course-ground sausage, giving it a more chunky and coarse texture


Najbardziej ukochana kiełbasa w RPA. Boerewors oznacza kiełbasę wiejską. Boere oznacza rolnika, a wors oznacza kiełbasę. Najlepszym sposobem przyrządzenia jest braai (grill)

Wołowina, wieprzowina, nasiona kolendry, sól, pieprz, angielskie goździki, gałka muszkatołowa, ocet z czerwonego wina, sos Worcestershire.

Boerewors to kiełbasa mielona w cieście, nadająca jej bardziej gruboziarnistą i gruboziarnistą konsystencję




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Skye Thomson
The 6kg of wors bought

Is it a lot of meat? Yes! Was it worth it? Hell yes
Polish love their kielbasa, they should since it's good meat, but I wanted to showcase to the friends and family some meat from SA
So took the opportunity to buy 6kg of it during the south african braai, my friend and her Polish boyfriends family came with me, and we cooked some up. They loved it! Compliments from all of them on the wors, felt proud and happy I didn't mess up the breaking of it, but my family is the true test!
Split the remaining wors between my friend and I and went home to divide and ration out the wors, very good move on my part!
Soon had more opportunity to cook some wors, a "BBQ" at a Polish friend's house, so took a ring of wors to cook and see what they think. The way it cooked, smelled and then tested, their eyes looked at me with surprise and delight through the whole cooking to tasting process that non-Polish meat could actually be so good! This was a win, and that roll of wors disappeared quickly enough.
Another opportunity with the girlfriend and her friends came afterwards, with me as braai master this time I took the opportunity to show of the wors again (yes this is where I am in life now, showing off the wors and braai skills, the logical progression of the south african l!) So I brought out another 2 rolls of wors. Again thos went down well, more Poles converted and enjoying wors, such a win! But we had some left over, happy days I love left over wors the next day! So we pack it and went home, but stopped by her parents place. Now they enjoyed the biltong, and I don't learn lessons, so I suggested we share some of it with them and let them try, then I'll braai for them next time we have a family thing. All the remaining went into the house, no biggie I thought, we're gonna see them the next day, it'll come out then, I'm safe. It never came out, it was gone, just disappeared with the smile of "it was delicious"! Totally worth it, the buying and sharing, do I wish I had more? Absolutely, but this lesson was learnt, I still have 2 sections stashed away to braai later, and can't wait to cook those again!

Mark Hall
Great product quickly delivered

I was happy to get the sausages but they had pretty much defrosted by the time they got to me… 2 nights of travel.. Next time more ice would be nice..
But they were delicious and I refroze a few coils .. seemingly without ill effect’..

Piotr Sawala
Real Boerewors

We visited from Krakow to Warszawa for the weekend and bought the 3Kg boerewors. Very, very good taste of the wors, tastes just like it would in South Africa (RPA). I would recommend this to everyone. Thanks Guys

Exceptionally tasty boerewors!

The boerewors I ordered from Ke Nako Foods was exceedingly tasty, full of the traditional boerewors flavours that make thet superb braai (bbq) smell in the air. I highly recommend the boerewors from Ke Nako Foods, always freshly made and always very tasty. You will not be disappointed!!


This is definitely the greatest sausage happening away from home but I would like to order it with more flavour of pepper, garlic maybe some habanero just to make it extra hot as it is mild, please note I ordered the chilli and traditional flavour so I compared.nonetheless I look forward to my next order following these points to note