Pork Bangers 24 Large 2.6kg ( Leek & Rosemary)

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What is a pork banger?
Bangers is a centuries-old traditional British and Irish recipe. They consist of lean and fat pork that is ground up tossed with spices and herbs that is then encased in hog casing to make sausage. 



Finely minced ( thin cut )

Pork shoulder and pork belly

Pork fat 

Gluten (bread crumbs)




English cloves

Salt and pepper


Customer Reviews

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Banging Bangers

These guys were the star of the show for our Coronation Party, delicious on the BBQ and still plenty in the freezer for Toad in the Hole which I've also been craving. If you want a great British banger, don't even look for a British shop to pay a premium for Marks and Spencer, ORDER THESE NOW! Great taste, great value and reliable service. This is not a piddly little chipolata, it's a big bang of a banger to impress all of your Polish family, and you can taste the care in selecting ingredients to deliver quality. You've done us Brits proud, and these bad boys can stand proudly next to the best Kiełbasa in the summer in perfect Polish/British union. Will definitely order again. Thanks guys!

David Roche
Terrific bangers!

I received some Leek & Rosemary Park Bangers and some Chicken & Mushroom pies and they were delicious. I will certainly be going back for more when I have some room in my freezer :-)